About the Wesley Proctor Book Award

The Wesley Proctor Book Award was established under Wesley Proctor Ministries, Inc. (WPM), in 0ctober 2009 and is named after our founder Dr. Wesley Tyrone Proctor who is a graduate of the University of Delaware. Dr. Proctor knows all too well the importance of life experiences, school involvement, and leadership development in achieving one's goal.


As an undergraduate at the University of Delaware, Dr. Proctor was actively involved on campus and held various leadership positions while pursuing his degree. Nevertheless, he has not forgotten the financial strain his college education put on his mother, as he states, "We didn't have much growing up, we were poor, my mother had to sacrifice a lot in order to put me through school".


As a result, WPM is dedicated to assisting youth financially who are currently enrolled at any institution of higher education. This award will assist recipients with the cost of their college curriculum books for the Fall 2014 academic semester. The award is in the amount of $200.00.


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